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Leading Orange

David Vinson, Founder & CEO of PopupRx brings his passion and innovation centered experience as a serial digital health entrepreneur to his new venture PopupRx. David is driven by his mission to reshape Pharmacy Experiences within Pharmacy Deserts from rural markets to urban centers for today’s everyday consumer.

David has activated a unique and gifted group of seasoned professionals from a diverse sector of industries to drive execution of the PopupOrange Market Entry Vision.

Slide Be Orange The PopupOrange Network is leading the resizing of America’s Big Box Pharmacies by partnering with community focused Pharmacies and Healthcare organizations to deploy next generation Small Box Telepharmacies. Slide Imagine Orange Imagine a future where consumers will have a choice in their pharmacy experience journey, from Big Box Retail Pharmacies and Mail Pharmacies to the next generation pharmacy experience, a small OrangeBox Tele-Pharmacy.

Slide Experience Orange Today we are seeing transformations in consumer experiences all across the US Consumer Retail Landscape. With this in mind, we believe there’s an opportunity for Pharmacy Sponsors to form new partnerships which augment and enhance each Patients Pharmacy Experience Journey. Just think, an experience centered partnership which improves the Availability, Accessibility and Affordability of prescription drugs from the point of care to your Community Pharmacy.

Our Partners

Our Launch Team has curated a unique group of strategic partners who have joined us on our launch journey as co-creators. This unique portfolio of companies has allowed us to tap into a resource pool of talented individuals while having the opportunity to leverage core capabilities. We believe that Integration is Innovation, so the Power of Orange is designed to leverage for scale and partner for execution. We want to Thank our growing list of partners who have joined us on this journey to create a One to Many Integrated Smart Digital Pharmacy Experience Platform.